Erik Lilyquist

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #204440

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Erik, hailing from Sheboygan, WI, imbibed the town’s rich values, including a strong sense of community and traditional ethics. Raised in the “Bratwurst Capital of the World,” Erik learned the importance of helping others from a young age, a principle he upholds as a Loan Specialist today. His dedication to assisting people nationwide stems from his desire to honor his upbringing and prioritize client welfare over personal gain.

As a loan officer since 2004, Erik’s passion lies in improving borrowers’ lives by securing better mortgage situations. Inspired by his parents’ ethos, each mortgage deal is approached with their legacy in mind. Erik’s mission is to simplify the mortgage process, ensuring clients feel informed and supported throughout. He believes in leveraging his expertise and diverse product offerings to promote stress-free homeownership, empowering clients to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, Erik cherishes family time with his son, relishing moments playing sports and supporting local teams. While devoted to family values, Erik remains dedicated to his clients, offering personalized service and expertise. In his leisure, he finds joy in volunteering, cheering for his beloved hometown teams, and savoring Wisconsin’s culinary delights.

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